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Employee Engagement Thoughts (Part 2)

Employee Engagement is one of the most powerful tool that any organization should have. It is the struggle of thousands and millions of organizations that are willing to satisfy their employees and don’t succeed. Thousand and millions of dollars were spent to make people happy and guess what, failure after failure. A lot of people and organization mis-understood the concept of employee engagement which led them to reach nowhere. There are many reasons of this failure and the people that manage such this sensitive subject, don’t have any experience either as an implementation or challenges. Before searching what is going wrong, let go through why Employee Engagement is Important.

If you are following me, there is a unique methodology that I always use to simply and get focused towards what I’m looking to achieve. By implementing this methodology, you will have the biggest picture of what, why and how to do things. To solve the conflicts and confusions of employee engagements, let understand the importance of it. If we were able to understand why it is important, then we will be able to come up with right approach to implement the employee engagement strategy successfully. Keep in mind that employee engagement is a strategy for 3 and 5 years not just an initiative or plan then you go quiet on.

Why Employee Engagement is important to every organization? I did a survey on 5,000 employees to understand their current situation, desperation and expectations from their employers. Here are the outcomes:

One of the questions in the survey was, Why Do You Quit your previous employer or Why do you think that you will quit your current employers? Out of all people participated in this survey, only 16% were looking for better financial aspects. The remaining, were different reasons non-financially and could impact the organizational performance positively if they were handled well.

Another question was, How long you intent to stay at your current organization? Only 33% were looking to stay less than 3 years and remaining were looking to stay for more than 3 years.

Another question, What will make you stay at your current employer? Only 23% were looking for financial aspects and the remaining were not.

Besides, tens and thousands of researches were made to understand the employee engagements of people at organizations and majority almost near to each other. In the USA, average engaged employees are around 25%, dis-engaged are 25% and 50% don’t know how to get engaged. From worldwide research across the globe, only 18% engaged employees, 26% dis-engaged and remaining of 56% don’t know how to get engaged.

This will give you an idea and insight of what a waste of money, time and performance that your organization is going through. Imagine that you are achieving your organization performance upon 3 segments and they are: 25% exceeding their required objectives, 50% meeting their objectives and remaining 25% are not meeting their objective or don’t want to. Imagine what could happen to your organizational performance if you have 75% or 100% engaged employees. Don’t you think that you will achieve double or triple your current organizational performance.


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